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 Baak Sole Technology Different materials for different needs The soles of our safety shoes consist of two layers that serve different purposes: the midsole and the outsole. The midsole is soft and elastic. It provides good damping and reduces stress on the joints. The outsole is harder and resistant to mechanical and thermal influences. It is also slip-resistant and as abrasion- resistant as possible. The profile layout and the bending behaviour are among the decisive factors that allow the foot to roll over. Outsole Midsole Midsole-materials EVA: ethylene vinyl acetate / LIEVA EVA is a very lightweight high-quality caoutchouc foam that is also used as mid- sole material in running shoes. Pressure-moulded EVA is not only very lightweight and elastic but also has excellent damping properties. Another advantage is its great temperature range from –30 °C to +170 °C. Baak was one of the first safety shoe manufacturers to identify those benefits and uses EVA for many of its models. LIEVA (liquid injected EVA) is a state-of-the-art technology which shows a higher energy absorption with improved durability due to its production process in which liquid EVA is pressed with the help of pressure and temperature. Electronic footprint measurement With electronic footprint measurement (pedography), the pressure load under the foot during the natural rolling movement – from the heel over the outer ball and the inner ball to the big toe – is shown in different colours. Green and blue stand for a low pressure load and red and yellow for a high one. The lower the pressure load, the more pressure is relieved from the entire musculoskeletal system. PU: polyurethane Polyurethane is a foamed plastic that is characterized by high elasticity and a comfortable damping behaviour. Electronic footprint measurement 80% 20 % Common safety shoe, high pressure load 51% 49% Baak models with EVA and BSD midsole, optimal damping and balanced pressure distribution (51% at the front, 49% at the back).             101     BAAK Know-How 

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