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 Baak und ESD Electrostatic discharge – protect your products   electrostatic discharge What do ESD safety shoes by Baak offer you? Baak has developed into an ESD specialist in recent years. All ESD safety shoes by Baak have been optimized for their ESD capabilities down to the minutest details. For example, they have electrostatically conductive insole boards and insocks. As a result, the recommended discharge resistance is achieved safely even if the shoe is not in contact with the grounded floor all over. What does ESD (electrostatic discharge) mean? Each of us “gets a jolt“ from time to time when touching a doorknob, other people etc. The reason is that you have been charged electrostatically, for example while walking on a carpet. But sometimes the “friction” of your body at the air is sufficient. If you come close to an uncharged or differently charged object, a spontaneous discharge takes place, comparable to a mini-lightning. Human beings feel those discharges starting at a voltage of about 2,000V. Each of us causes small discharges every day, but they are not perceptible because most of them are considerably below 2,000V. But if you are in touch with an electronic element, it might even be damaged due to the non-perceptible discharges. Besides this damage, the quality of this element could decrease, and as a consequence, your claim rate might raise. But also in areas with an increased danger of fire or explosion, electrostatic discharges have to be avoided. They could fan flames or spark explosive gases. There are various possibilities to avoid uncontrolled electrostatic discharges. Pro- bably the most practical and flexible one is to wear ESD shoes on a grounded floor. The target is to be charged with a voltage at a maximum of 100 volts (currently recommended limit). Of course, your clothing and your entire workplace should have ESD properties, too. conductive 105-109 Ohm insulating 100kiloOhm - 1.000 MegaOhm antistatic EN ISO 20344–20347 More info and advice about ESD safety shoes you will find on our website:  The wear of ESD shoes in the production process protects electronic components from destruction.   recommended ESD-range 105 – 3,5 x 107 Ohm   102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 1010 1011 1012     105     BAAK Know-How 

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