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 Baak Ortho: Orthopedic foot protection Individual and standard durable soft foam The 4 steps to get your orthopedic insock:   SAFETY INSERT    test criterion fullfilled: ✓ conductivity ✓ energy absorbtion in the heel area ✓ resistance to pressure and shock  INDIVIDUALISATION ✓ pronation ✓ supination ✓ equalise reduction ✓ heel spur ✓ dispensing aid   How to get your orthopedic insole   knee problems headache you get the right shoe from your Baak partner relief of back pain Orth. Partner supplies the blank inserts     foot pain    doctor Result:   orthopedic center   suffering/prevention with safety shoes which remain certified.      durable cover    1. Take your DGUV-Rule 112-191 certified Baak safety shoe and your prescription to the orthopedic shoemaker or medical supply store of your own choice. 2. The orthopedic shoemaker orders the correct blank for you according to the prescription. Please have a look at our website: here you see which orthopedic insock is certified for which shoe. 3. The orthopedic shoemaker modifies the blanks according to your individual needs 4. The standard insock will then be replaced by your new insock It is guaranteed that after the modification, the shoes will still comply with the EN ISO 20345 standard and offer the same protection to the wearer as all other products from Baak. Orthopaedic adjustments The most common finishings on the models of the "Baak Industrial go&relax" series can be carried out at all approved orthopaedic shoemakers or medical supply stores of your choice, provided that the Baak working instructions are observed. Among other things: - Shoe elevations of max. 30 mm in the heel and 10 mm in the ball of the foot - Inner and outer edge elevations - Heel compensation - Various individual roll-off aids available. The orthopedic blanks are available here Springer Aktiv AG Insock Basic AS und Insock Comfort AS Info and supply on Schuhe+Orthopädie Wurzlbauer GmbH Insock Ped ESD, Ped ESD Dia, Sensomot 1 und Sensomot 2 Info and supply on Bauerfeind AG ErgoPad work Info und Bezug unter Matthias Hartmann Orthopädie + Sport GmbH Secosol® Info und Bezug unter   Note: Wearing personal inserts which are not certified is not allowed. The certification of the safety shoe, and thus its insurance cover, will be lost as a result. Orthopedic solutions from Baak can be found on page 86-88 DGUV 112 191 Further detailed information on certified insoles/fittings as well as on the DGUV rule 112-191 and the Austrian standard ÖNorm Z 1259 can be found on our website at or request our flyer on this subject.  This sign shows you the Baak models that are certified for orthopedic insocks and partly for orthopaedic ad- justments generally. Every shoe that has such a certification has an info hangtag attached.        107    BAAK OrthBoAAK Know-How  

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