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     What do a gear box and your feet have in common? When you drive your car, you start in the 1st gear. Why should it be different when you walk in safety shoes? Like you keep upshifting from the 1st to the highest gear when you drive your car, the foot rolls over from the little to the big toe naturally when you walk bare- foot. But what happens with common safety shoes? Due to their straight toe protection caps and their outsoles which are too stiff, only the big toe and the two toes next to it are involved in the rolling movement as a result of the unnatural bending line of the shoes. The two small outer toes are hardly involved. This means that load is distributed unequally over the feet, muscles and joints with every step. The entire musculos- keletal system may suffer from this. In the same way, you would expose your car to loads improperly if you started in the high gears and disregar- ded the lower gears. But your car simply wouldn't allow this! You can't start in the high gears at all, can you? Your car is smart: As it also involves the low gears, the expenditure of energy is reduced considerably, the effi- ciency is increased and punctual overloading is avoided through an optimal distribution over all gears. The unique BAAK® go&relax system for safety shoes does nothing else. With this system, all five toes are included in the rolling movement again. So while wal- king, the load is distributed optimally over all muscles and joints involved. It consists of the BAAK® flex cap and the BAAK® flex zone in the outsole, both of which are optimally suited to the foot. Only with this unique combination, safety shoes allow the feet to move in a natural and functional way. The feet, muscles and joints stay fit. That relieves pressure on the entire musculoskeletal system and helps those who wear safety shoes stay healthy in the long term. If you make sure your car stays in good condition – you should do even more for your feet! BAAK®go&relax BAAK PP flex zone PPP BAAK H-coupling element naturale bending line BAAK®go&relax system      Conventional safety shoes PPP X X unnatural bending line  f K l e    x      A               c         A             a                                    p     B                                                                                                   Thisishowitworks: Safety shoes with the BAAK® go&relax system are marked with this logo. K  A A ® B go&relax m e t s y S  12 

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