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    1. Asymmetrical toe cap 2. Biomechanically optimized flex zone     3. Biomechanical H-coupling element Three elaborate features  Healthy feet  The BAAK® system The revolution of the safety shoe Natural and functional foot load PATENT      Our innovative system was developed, above all, for persons who wear safety shoes for several hours a day. For this customer group, a natural and functional foot load is especially important – A less tiring way of walking all over the whole working day. In common safety shoes, the feet are bent in an unnatural way with every step, due to straight toe protection caps. Additionally, stiff outsoles limit the movement of the basic toe joints. The two small outer toes are not integrated into the rolling movement. An improper load on the foot muscles, sinews and ligaments is possible – and serious consequences for the foot dynamics and body statics, too.  „A natural and functional movement of the foot in the shoe contributes to maintaining the health of the foot, the muscles and the joints. That relieves pressure on the entire musculoskeletal system!“ Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brüggemann        The BAAK® flex cap ensures that the basic toe joints are bent in a functional way – and thus also ensures a more "relaxed" way of walking. The BAAK® flex zone in the outsole is optimally suited to the foot and allows all basic toe joints to bend in a natural and functional way. Flex zone Natural in the ball area bending line of the outsole Thanks to those three functional elements, the BAAK® go&relax system for safety shoes involves all five toes in the rolling movement. So while walking, the load is distributed optimally over all muscles and joints involved. BAAK® go&relax consists of a unique combination of components for a natural bending – thus ensuring healthy feet that relieve pressure on the entire musculoskeletal system.                                              foot fitting instead of straight Conventional protection cap The BAAK® H-coupling element, integrated into the outsole, connects the forefoot and hindfoot elastically, supports the bending of the toes in a way suited to their position and ensures stability together with control. Healthy feet relieve pressure on the entire musculoskeletal system.  8 BAAK®go&relax system 

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