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      Always stay fit The patented BAAK® go&relax system distributes the load optimally over all muscles and joints involved – with every step. The feet, muscles and joints stay fit. That relieves pressure on the entire musculoskeletal system. Unequal load distributions are prevented successfully. Walking is really comfortable. A shoe should always allow the foot to do what it wants to do naturally. Therefore, for people who wear safety shoes for many hours a day, a natural and functional foot load distribution is of particular importance. Safty shoes with the patented BAAK® go&relax system are a recommendable addition to the company health manage- ment. Safety shoes with the patented BAAK® go&relax system are a recommendable addition to company health management. BAAK® go&relax can:* · reduce the risk of knee athrosis · improve the position of the trunk · influence the back musculature and possibly contributes to pain reduction *due to "bottom up" strategy study available on (German version) Healthy feet release the whole musculoskeletal system                   Conventional safety shoes unnatural bending line Incorrect loading and its results Due to the unnatural form of common toe protection caps, the feet bend in an unnatural way in the section of the basic toe joints, with every step. In addition, most of the existing outsoles are stiff like a plaster cast. This limits the movement of the basic toe joints. The load during walking is not distributed optimally. The musculature, sinews and ligaments of the feet are more or less deactivated. The muscles of the feet are we- akened when they were not used. The consequences are negative for the dynamics of the foot and the whole body statics.                                                                 9 BAAK®go&relax system B & - a c k f e r i e e n n d l K y – – S d c e i t e a u n l a v t e l y i f i c a l l a n o i p r o t t e c n t i e o n v n c a o p c 

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