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 Baak Know How: Your advantages For you – healthy and safe – patented! More than protection – long-term health maintenance Compliance with all protection standards is self-evident. Besides, the development of Baak's safety shoes focuses on the long-term health maintenance of those who wear them. Only safety shoes optimally suited to the feet allow them to move naturally. The feet, muscles and joints stay fit, which relieves pressure on the entire muscu- loskeletal system. For this reason, we have developed the patented BAAK® go&relax system. Only the combination of the BAAK® flex cap and the BAAK® flex zone and the H-coupling element in the outsole allows the feet to bend in a natural, optimal way in the area of the basic toe joints while walking, and keeps those who wear the shoes healthy in the long term. Safety shoes that adjust to your feet With the BAAK® go&relax system, your shoe adjusts to the natural bending behaviour of your foot. Thanks to the BAAK® multi-width system, the shoe takes over the individual width and shape of your foot. The BAAK® fitting system closes the gap between your foot and your shoe individually. Advice and support Baak will be happy to support you – with staff training, joint presentations for end customers or assistance in the case of problems. Our company has the human touch This concerns our relationships with those who wear our safety shoes, with our distributors and production partners, and with our own staff. As an owner-managed family business, we are aware of our social, ecological and economic responsibility. Sustainable actions as well as fundamental social values and minimum standards are self-evident to us. In particular, this also applies to the working conditions at the manufacturing sites of your Baak safety shoes. We will be happy to send you our "Code of Conduct". baak  A useful contribution to company health management – patented.  Part of the Baak team at the A+A 2019    91    Patent No. EP3302132 BAAK®go&relax System PATENT        BAAK Know-How 

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