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 Baak receives patent Natural and functional foot load We, Ingo and Andrea Grusa as well as Dipl. Ing. Karsten Keidel, developed this innovative system together with one of the world‘s leading biomechanics, Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brüggemann, and patented it at the European Patent Office. The knee and back-friendliness of the safety shoes with BAAK® go&relax system was biomechani- cally tested and scientifically evaluated (rated). Thus your feet, muscles and joints remain fit and efficient. It was developed especially for people who wear safety shoes many hours a day. For this customer group, natural and functional foot load is particularly important - a low-fatigue gait throughout the entire working day. In conventional safety shoes, straight toe caps bend the feet unnaturally with every step. In addition, stiff outsoles restrict the movement of the basic toe joints. The two outer little toes are not included in the rolling movement. This can lead to incorrect loading of foot muscles, tendons and ligaments and so to serious consequences for foot dynamics and body statics. Baak receives Innovation Award Ergonomics The IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics from Nuremberg awards this prize to companies that distinguish themselves through their exemplary commitment to working people. The jury particularly honours companies that effectively translate their philoso- phy into ergonomic concepts and products. At Baak this concept is called “go&relax”. The manufacturer equips its safety shoes with this concept. It is a proprietary – and recently patented – invention that takes better account of the anatomy and natural movement of the foot in the shoes. “With our now protected technology Baak go&relax we are occupying the future market of health with a unique selling point in the safety shoe sector”, says Ingo Grusa. Humanity is the driving force that spurred the team in the development of go&relax to concern itself even more with the nature of the human foot in order to offer the wearer further health benefits. „Significance of health promotion recognized“ IGR jury member Ralf Eisele said: „Four years ago, Baak already recognized the increa- sing importance of workplace health promotion. We were particularly impressed by the scientifically proven relief of the musculoskeletal system through safety shoes with Baak® go&relax. That‘s why I‘m delighted to present the Innovation Award for Ergono- mics to Baak, a company that not only stands for foot-friendly safety, but also lives this philosophy“ „We see the prize as an obligation“ Ingo Grusa, managing director of Baak, explained: „We are very pleased about this award and that our commitment to prevent possible incorrect loads and the associated comp- laints in the entire musculoskeletal system in the best possible way is also appreciated in this form. We see the award as an obligation to further promote workplace health promotion in the future through possible initiatives and projects together with the IGR.     93     BAAK Know-How 

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