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 Baak Width Technology Making sure that your shoe fits you well Every foot is very individual. This is true not only for the foot's length but also for its width. About half of all human beings (50%) have feet of average width, 45% have extra-wide feet and 5% have narrow ones. Which Baak series for what type of foot? For normal-width feet: all Baak series In all series, you will find shoes that are suitable for normal-width feet. Shoes of the widths 11 (N), 11+ and 12 offer an excellent fit for those feet. The individual adjustment is done through the lacing, the quick-release fastener or the hook-and- loop fastener. For normal-width and extra-wide feet: the Baak Industrial go&relax series The real BAAK® two-width system – two shoes for two widths 2-Weiten The five models of this series offer individual fits for normal-width and extra-wide feet. Here, Baak uses the real two-width system: Each width has its own special sole shape, its own last and its own toe protection cap shape. This is the only way to ensure that the foot always rests on the sole optimally. Width N = normal = Width 11 / Width XW = extra-wide = Width 13 As the shape of slimmer and wider feet is not the same, two different lasts ensure the perfect fit for each type of foot. With the 8 mm wider toe protection cap (dif- ference from Width N at size 42), even relatively wide feet are given enough space for their toes. For all feet: the Baak Unity series The patented BAAK® multi-width system – one shoe for many widths Multiweiten The patented BAAK® multi-width system of the Baak Unity series offers individual width adjustment in the width range from 10 to 14 with only one shoe. How is that possible? It's quite simple: The Baak Unity models actually consist of two shoes, an inner and an outer one. The "inner" shoe consists of an extremely elastic Baak flex mesh material, the sock shaft. It adjusts individually to your foot and to its width and shape. The neces- sary stability is given by the six stabilizing straps of the "outer" shoe. Baak Unity – the genius in fits. The custom shoe that you can buy off the rack. To learn more about our width technology, visit our website: Every foot is individual. The width N can be identified by a grey Baak-foot, the width XW by a coloured Baak-foot.                 99      BAAK Know-How 

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